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General Links:

The powerful editor and manager of Lanza.me allows you to modify your links, group them, and even publish a group of them from a single link.

General Links
FeatureFree AccountBassic AccountPremium Account
Number of linksUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Link groups
Public lists
VIP redirection
Shorten any domain

External Page Link:

Include any external page to display them on intermediate pages; a bar at the top of the screen will include a button and indicate the remaining waiting time until the visitor can access the destinataion link.

External Pages
FeatureFree AccountBassic AccountPremium Account
Number of external pagesUp to 5 external pagesUp to 25 external pagesUp to 50 external pages
Wait timeUp to 5 secondsUp to 15 secondsUp to 30 seconds
Youtube and Twitter compatibility
Autoplay Youtube videos

Meta-shortened link:

Use other shorteners to shorten your Lanza.me links so that you can change the shortener whenever you want and with immediate effect.

Third-party shorteners
FeatureFree AccountBassic AccountPremium Account
Number of shortenersUp to 5 shortenersUp to 199 shortenersUp to 199 shorteners
Number of times you can change the shortenerUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Time it takes for the change to take effectImmediateImmediateImmediate
Reactive Alerts
Meta-shortener stats; shortener, country and profits1 month2 months2 months
Shortener Chainer
No intermediate page (initial and informative) in meta-shortened linksUntil the 3rd yearAlwaysAlways
Shortener Optimizer
External page yes, with optimizer enabled, no available counts remaining
IP/24h access limiter (for faucets)
Shortener API data protection + increased redirection speed (**)
*: O siempre si ha sido VIP alguna vez (condición sujeta a cambios).
**: Actualmente deshabilitado

General and Link Statistics:

Get to know everything about the visits to your links

FeatureFree AccountBassic AccountPremium Account
Total visits on links
Real-time data
Visitor data; OS, device, country, and referrals on each link
Extra data for meta-shortened linksCurrent monthCurrent and previous monthCurrent and previous month


Shorten Lanza.me links from other applications

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API Usage
Usage Limit12 every 3 minutesUnlimitedUnlimited

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