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Payout rates

These are the rates that Lanza.me can offer you when you have the shortener optimizer activated and the credentials of the specified shorteners added. Other shorteners may also provide very similar rates, and you may want to use them because not all shorteners allow you to withdraw earnings using the same payment methods (earnings obtained through Lanza.me are directly transferred to your accounts in the shorteners you use).

10 $ CPM
Minimum for VIP users
with chained links
5 $ CPM
Minimum for everyone
per thousand visits

The rates are obtained from Shorteners.net, only with legitimate shorteners, and are per thousand visits (CPM). Consecutive visits also generate earnings, sometimes at a lower price and other times at the same rate. It will always depend on the shorteners you have added (the more, the better).

Meta-shortened links (+ automatic optimization with VIP account)
CountryRateRequired shorteners
Greenland100.00 $urlcorner.com + urlcorner.com (4 ips)
Holy See (Vatican City State)100.00 $ctr.sh + ctr.sh (3 ips)
Iceland60.00 $urlcorner.com + urlcorner.com (4 ips)
Switzerland37.00 $icutlink + (cut.lc or urlcorner.com)
New Zealand32.00 $ctr.sh + ctr.sh (3 ips)
United States32.00 $cuty.io + cut.lc
Ireland31.00 $shrinkme + megafly.in
Canada28.00 $ctr.sh + ctr.sh (3 ips)
Netherlands27.00 $loptelink + cuty.io
United Kingdom26.00 $cuty.io + (cut.lc or 10short.com)
Australia22.00 $cut.lc + (cuty.io or gplinks)
Finland22.00 $ctr.sh + ctr.sh (3 ips)
United Arab Emirates22.00 $cuty.io + gplinks
Germany20.00 $cuty.io + cut.lc
Nigeria20.00 $clicksfly + clicksfly (6 ips)
San Marino20.00 $shrinkearn + clk.sh
France19.00 $cut.lc + cuty.io
Brazil18.00 $10short.com + cut.lc
Sweden18.00 $fc.lc + (urlcorner.com or urlcorner.com)
Singapore16.00 $cuty.io + vnshortener
Belgium15.50 $cuty.io + shrinkme
Andorra15.00 $clk.sh + shrinkearn
Norway14.50 $loptelink + cuty.io
Austria14.00 $kyshort.xyz + (kyshort.xyz or rplinks.in)
Denmark14.00 $fc.lc + loptelink
Gibraltar14.00 $shrinkearn + clk.sh
Japan14.00 $ctr.sh + (ctr.sh or icutlink)
Saudi Arabia14.00 $cuty.io + (ctr.sh or ctr.sh)
South Africa14.00 $clicksfly + clicksfly (6 ips)
Spain14.00 $cut.lc + (kyshort.xyz or kyshort.xyz)
Thailand14.00 $kyshort.xyz + kyshort.xyz (2 ips)
Vietnam13.75 $10short.com + clicksfly
Italy13.50 $cut.lc + fc.lc
India12.50 $upshrink.com + vnshortener
Russia12.50 $loptelink + (ctr.sh, promo-visits, kyshort.xyz or gainl.ink)
Kuwait12.40 $safelinku + ctr.sh
Czech Republic12.00 $loptelink + (promo-visits, kyshort.xyz or gainl.ink)
Mexico12.00 $gplinks + rplinks.in
Portugal12.00 $ctr.sh + ctr.sh (3 ips)
Qatar12.00 $ctr.sh + (ctr.sh or 10short.com)
Turkey12.00 $cut.lc + (promo-visits, kyshort.xyz or gainl.ink)
Peru11.00 $10short.com + (kyshort.xyz or gainl.ink)
Taiwan11.00 $loptelink + (promo-visits, 10short.com, kyshort.xyz or gainl.ink)
Philippines10.40 $clicksfly + clicksfly (6 ips)
Nepal10.20 $vnshortener + (promo-visits, kyshort.xyz or gainl.ink)
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)10.00 $promo-visits, kyshort.xyz and/or gainl.ink,
Chained links (+ shortener optimization. Requires VIP account)
CountryRateRequired shortener
Greenland50 $Urlcorner.com
Holy See (Vatican City State)50 $Ctr.sh
Iceland30 $Urlcorner.com
Switzerland22 $Icutlink
Ireland16 $ShrinkMe
New Zealand16 $Ctr.sh
United States16 $Cuty.io
Canada14 $Ctr.sh
Netherlands14 $Loptelink
United Kingdom14 $Cuty.io
Australia12 $Cut.lc
United Arab Emirates12 $Cuty.io
Finland11 $Ctr.sh
Brazil10 $10short.com
France10 $Cut.lc
Germany10 $Cuty.io
Nigeria10 $ClicksFly
San Marino10 $Shrinkearn
Sweden9 $Fc.lc
Andorra8 $Clk.sh
Belgium8 $Cuty.io
Singapore8 $Cuty.io
Vietnam8 $10short.com
Norway7.5 $Loptelink
Russia7.5 $Loptelink
Austria7 $Kyshort.xyz
Czech Republic7 $Loptelink
Denmark7 $Fc.lc
Gibraltar7 $Shrinkearn
India7 $Upshrink.com
Italy7 $Cut.lc
Japan7 $Ctr.sh
Saudi Arabia7 $Cuty.io
South Africa7 $ClicksFly
Spain7 $Cut.lc
Thailand7 $Kyshort.xyz
Turkey7 $Cut.lc
Kuwait6.4 $Safelinku
Mexico6 $GPlinks
Peru6 $10short.com
Portugal6 $Ctr.sh
Qatar6 $Ctr.sh
Taiwan6 $Loptelink
Nepal5.2 $VNShortener
Philippines5.2 $ClicksFly
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)5 $Promo-visits
Rates updated to: Wed Nov 29 2023 10:47:47 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Additional visits always count

Not only the first visit is counted, the meta-nature of Lanza.me allows you to monetize multiple visits from each IP that visits you. The numbers are so good that they will probably never be exhausted.
235 visitas
Max. earnings per IP
every 24 hours
174 visitas
Monetizable visits per IP
only with legitimate shorteners

Lanza.me counts as many visits per IP every 24 hours as all the shorteners you have added count in total. Additionally, with the active link optimizer, if these visits were to be exhausted, external pages that you have added will be displayed indefinitely, rotating among them. Alternatively, your visitors will be redirected directly to the destination link to avoid inconveniencing them when it is unnecessary.

There are the numbers; Lanza.me is unparalleled

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