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What is the optimizer?

Let Lanza.me know through Shorteners.net which shortener pays the most for the country of origin of each of your visits. These rates are detected and updated automatically without human intervention. It will also know how many visits each IP allows every 24 hours, number and time that will be taken into account. With this data, Lanza.me's optimizer can maximize the use of the shorteners.

How does it work?

Automatically, the shortener that pays the most for the country of your visit will be used, and as many visits per IP every 24 hours as counted by said shortener. Once this number of visits is exhausted, Lanza.me will move on to the next shortener doing the same; exhausting the visits counted, and so on with as many shorteners as you have added to your account while visits exist.

This process is applied to each IP, not to the total number of visits in general, so optimization is optimal for each visitor. Without effort and with just activating the option, your earnings will increase dramatically.

What happens when all visits are exhausted?

The optimizer will only send your users to the chosen shorteners when you can earn income for each visit. The rest of the visits from the same IP that no longer generate income will be treated in one of the following ways, depending on your configuration;

  • It will block access until 24 hours pass, if you have the faucet limiter enabled
  • It will display your own intermediate pages, if you have added any. This is compatible with the rotator.
  • It will directly pass to the destination address, if you don't have any of the previous options

Are there more operating modes?

Currently, the only optimization is based on rates. It is planned to add other modes, such as; exhaust the visits from a certain shortener or shorteners first; optimize up to a certain point of estimated earnings per shortener or shorteners, or even choose the priority order for each shortener, among other options.

Can I further increase my earnings?

Of course, the optimizer is compatible with the link chainer. This option allows you to send your visits through 2 shorteners before redirecting to the destination link, and is also compatible with the optimizer. Your earnings will multiply several times effortlessly.

Some examples

Let's say a shortener named A counts 2 visits per IP every 24 hours and a shortener named B counts 3.
  • A user whose visiting country is better paid by shortener A makes 6 visits in less than 24 hours on your links; it will pass through A twice and B three times, the last visit will not pass through any shortener, as it would not generate any income for you.
  • That same user returns the next day and only makes 2 visits, it will pass through A both times. After 24 hours, it returns again; it will continue to pass through A because this shortener is already generating income for you again.
  • With the chainer activated; A user whose visiting country is better paid by shortener B makes 6 visits in less than 24 hours on your links; on the first visit it will pass through B twice, on the next visit it will pass through B once followed by A, the following visits will not pass through any shortener. It would be advisable to add more shorteners as you have a lot of room to increase earnings.
When you use a shortener normally, you only monetize 1 visit per user, with Lanza.me you can monetize hundreds.
Usually 1
Total number of IP to count
without the optimizer
Up to 252
Total number of IP to count
with the optimizer activated

Which shorteners are compatible?

All shorteners are compatible. In Lanza.me's shortener meta panel, you can find out which shorteners have known rates or not, as well as which ones are recommended and which ones are not. Shorteners whose rates are not analyzed can also be used in the optimizer. These will be used at the end of the optimization, and the number of visits per IP will be taken with the value of one visit per IP.

Anything else?

The optimizer is also compatible with reactive alerts, the faucet limiter, and external pages. And all this is done automatically, immediately, and regardless of the number of links or visits. The link optimizer requires having a VIP account. You can get one for free by inviting others to join Lanza.me.

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