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What is the meta-shortener?

The meta-shortener is one of the features that make Lanza.me unique. It is a type of link that allows you to convert your Lanza.me links into shortened links with other shorteners.

What features does it have?

Starting with its extreme simplicity; it's immediate and unlimited. You can convert your links to links from another shortener with very few clicks and with immediate effects regardless of the number of links, as many times as you want. You will no longer have to search for your links to change them one by one. From the Lanza.me panel, you can change them all no matter where they are.

How is it used?

Choose the links you want to convert and edit them to convert them into meta-shortened links. A panel will appear to choose the shortener, if you don't have the API key, add it and that's it, the work is done; all selected links will work from that moment with the chosen shortener.

Which shorteners are compatible?

All shorteners that have the Easy or Quick Link tool are compatible; Virtually all existing shorteners. If you need another one that is not in the panel, don't hesitate to contact us and it will be added shortly. At the moment we have exactly 221 available shorteners to choose from.

What options does it have?

In addition to being unlimited in its use and with immediate effects, Lanza.me's meta-shortened links can be optimized using the shortener optimizer and the shortener chain. Both tools multiply your income several times and are for VIP users. Your own 24-hour shortener manager working for you.

It also has its own statistics, you will not only know the total visits received and those specific to each link; the most visited countries, the shorteners used, and the estimated earnings for the current and previous month are also present.

In addition, reactive alerts will protect your traffic. Regardless of your account type, when a shortener has problems or goes down, Lanza.me will know it and, if considered a fatal alert, will use another of your shorteners to replace the one you have chosen (or it falls to in the shortener optimization) while that alert exists.

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How much can I earn?

It depends on the shorteners you choose. Lanza.me does not retain any payment and all earnings go directly to the shorteners you use. You can find out the best-paying shorteners for each country on the rates page:

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