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Where do I withdraw my income?

The income you get with the meta-shortened links go to your shortener or shorteners accounts that you have chosen when editing the links or when setting up the account. Lanza.me does not keep anything.

How can I earn money?

The metashortened link type is the most suitable method.

Edit the selected links as meta-shortened links and select a shortener. Set this type as preferred by editing your account settings.

How do I add a new shortener?

To be able to use other shorteners through Lanza.me you have to add them to your account. This process is achieved with a single and easy step, you have the instructions available right after choosing a shortener for the first time.

How can I increase my income?

  • Reactive alerts divert traffic to your shorteners that are working well.
  • The link optimizer (requires VIP account) uses the shortener that pays the most for the country of origin of each of your visits, taking also into account the number of visits per IP that each shortener counts
  • Automatically chaining two shorteners (requires VIP account) in a single link, thus even doubling the income.

Is there any risk?

None or very few and many others are avoided:

  • Lanza.me has already been developed for more than 4 years, including maximum security, until it is stable. In addition, no more data is needed than those necessary for registration (email and password).
  • It is not scheduled to close. You have already seen many paying shorteners close for many and varied reasons. With Lanza.me you can change all your links from one shortener to another. In addition, it warns if you are using a closed shortener.
  • Reactive alerts are triggered by any inconvenience of an external shortener (server problems, closed or not recommended). This protects your traffic and money. Think of the links that you could no longer edit, with Lanza.me you have it solved without having to do anything.
  • Lanza.me is not a shortener that pays, so other shorteners should not see the use of Lanza.me as a loop of links and be annoyed by your visits.

Is my data used for anything?

Not at all, all the data has exclusive use within the site and you can see it in its entirety between the different settings and statistics. You can also delete your account thus erasing absolutely all data.

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