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Double your earnings without increasing traffic

What is the link chainer?

What if each visit to your links counted for 2? That's what the link chainer does. Generally, visits through shortened links pass through the intermediate pages of a shortener before reaching the destination address. With the shortener link chainer, your visits will pass through 2 shorteners, thus doubling the earnings.

What options does it have?

You can choose to display a native intermediate page from Lanza.me that includes information so that your visitor knows that they are on a Lanza.me chained link and that they only need to go through one more shortener to reach the destination. This will make it less likely for them to leave, aware that they are not in an endless loop of shorteners.

Are there more possibilities?

Chained links can use the link optimizer and the faucet limiter. Note: All mentioned options, including the link chainer itself, are only available to VIP users (you can get one for free by inviting others).

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