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Tired of shorteners that end up becoming scams?

Lanza.me es tu salvavidas

Lanza.me is your lifesaver; The solution to all your problems with shorteners that end up not paying, closing or drastically lowering their rates. With Lanza.me it is very easy to change your shortened links, optimize profits automatically and much more. Earn more money and save time. No more suffering.


Simple lightning fast redirects, with external pages of your choice as intermediates or public lists of short links in only one link..


Automatically use other shorteners that pay through Lanza.me, simple, immediate and automatic. Do you want to change all your links for those of another shortener? Anytime!


Don't miss out on the data that matters; know the operating system, browser and country of origin of each of your visits for each of your links, among others. It updates to the millisecond!


All the link types of Lanza.me are available without having to make any disbursement or it is necessary to add any other data other than those necessary for sing-up.

Available in UMS

For convenience, you can use Lanza.me from URL Multishortener. This extension is available for most browsers & Android and collects the best shorteners from the entire web.

More features

For convenience, you can use Lanza.me from URL Multishortener. This extension is available for most browsers & Android and collects the best shorteners from the entire web.

Shortener based on link types:

The Lanza.me shortener is totally different from any of the others. It has different types of links that give you a wide range of possibilities:

  1. Direct and instantaneous: With a fast and automatic redirect, your visitors will go directly to the landing page without any delay or extra redirection.
  2. Metaacortado: Lanza.me allows you to use other shorteners to get short links dynamically so that you can change and restore them, as many times as you want and with immediate effect.
  3. External page: Through an intermediate page embedded with an upper bar, the user can access the destination page by clicking on a button

Beyond the shorteners; The meta shortener:

Use your favorite shortener or give a new one a try, whenever and as often as you want, without risk to your earnings.

  1. Choose your favorite shortener: Virtually all known paying shorteners are supported.
  2. Multiply your income: A new shortener has appeared with unbeatable rates or the one you use has stopped paying or even exists. What would you do? Changing your links by hand would take a lot of time. With Lanza.me you can do it in less than 5 seconds. We also have a link optimizer and a chainer
  3. Protect your traffic: When a shortener falls down there is nothing to do (from Lanza.me you can download your links), avoid risks by using the metashortener from Lanza.me. If a shortener falls, you can change it without major inconvenience. Also reactive alerts coming from Shorteners.net prevent sending traffic to downed shorteners

Basic features of the meta-shortener:

Unlimited and instant

There are no limits to the changes, which are also instantaneous. With just a few clicks, you can apply them to hundreds of thousands of links without leaving Lanza.me.

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The meta-shortener statistics include most visited links, total number of visits, visiting countries, and even estimated earnings for each shortener.

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Reactive alerts

If a shortener goes down or has issues, Lanza.me will avoid using it so that your users always reach the destination and your overall income doesn't diminish.

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Metashortener VIP Features:


Thanks to shorteners.net, Lanza.me can use the shorteners that pay the most for each of the countries of your visits, also taking into account the maximum number of visits per IP that each one counts.


You can use 2 shorteners on the same link. The user will go through both thus multiplying your profits, this being also compatible with the optimizer.

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Faucet limiter

If you own a faucet, you can limit access to your links when there are no monetizable visits left. This reactivates on an IP, visit, and every 24-hour basis.

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External page:

Shows an external page that visitors can use and navigate. This occupies the full width and at the top they will find a bar with information to reach the destination page:

  1. Choose between several pages: You can use several and different external pages. Completely at your choice, they must be allowed to be displayed within other sites.
  2. Set the waiting time: Your information is important and has a value, get in return the seconds you want of attention from the users of your links or simply let them pass immediately.
  3. Get income: You can use affiliate platforms, referral links and everything you can think of to earn money or get other benefits. At Lanza.me that is not prohibited.
  4. Compatible with Youtube and Twitter: Lanza.me detects the URL of YouTube videos, as well as Twitter pages, and displays them occupying the entire width.


VIP features of external pages:


Youtube videos that are used as an external page can be played automatically, thus increasing views and advertising revenue.

Up to 25 seconds

Hold your visitors' attention for up to 25 seconds before allowing them to proceed to the destination address.


You can rotate the external pages in the same link always starting with the one you have chosen as preferred.

Still much more:

Features that will surprise you are waiting to be discovered by you.

  1. Statistics: Do not overlook the possibility of knowing more about your visits. Some data that you do not expect can make you change the way you consider your traffic, and thus improve it.
  2. Public lists: Not only can you organize your links in private groups, but you can also create public lists to share multiple links through just one.
  3. Free: You can use Lanza.me without investing a single dollar / euro. You will have at your disposal all types of links and you can create as many as you want. The API and other features are also available.
  4. Available in UMS: You do not need to visit this page to shorten Lanza.me links. With the extension URL MultiShortener, where Lanza.me is included, all you need to do is click a button..
  5. More and more: All Lanza.me pages are designed to look good on mobile phones and are very fast; links usually respond in no more than 30 ms (0.03 seconds).


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